Dhá Chúirt (Two Courts)

Gorilla provided the sound post production on “Dha Chúirt” for Square 1 Productions, which tells the amazing true story of Vere Gould, a famous Irish Wimbledon finalist who was convicted of murder in 1908.

After his playing career had ended, Gould moved to Monte Carlo with his wife but when they fell on hard times a botched robbery ended in tragedy as the couple carried out one of the most gruesome murders in French history and ultimately sealed their fate. Both were sentenced to life imprisonment with Gould spending his remaining years on Devil’s Island. Many believe he took his own life soon after.

“Dha Chuirt” was produced by Shane Tobin of Square 1 Productions and directed by Cathal Watters. It aired on TG4 on Wednesday 27th June 2012.



Vere Goold is one of the most interesting characters of Irish sporting history and his life is full of dramatic ups and downs which went from a pampered youth to his ultimate demise on Devil’s Island. His name still lives on in infamy in Wimbledon as the only finalist to be convicted of murder at a time when the game of tennis was at its peak in Ireland. We think it’s a great accompaniment to the excellent TG4 Wimbledon coverage and we did justice to that amazing story, on and off the court, with our great crew who worked on it.” – Shane Tobin, Producer



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