Faster Higher Stronger

Sports science documentary Faster, Higher, Stronger sees Irish Times journalist Ian O’Riordan examine how athletes are using science and technology to enhance their performance, asking whether or not we can ever again truly believe in the purity of sport.

The documentary was produced and directed by Ronan O’Donoghue with Conor Moloney (Independent Pictures) as Executive Producer. The programme aired on RTÉ One on Tuesday 17 July at 9.35pm and being involved in the production was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for a number of reasons.

Personally, I am a huge sports fan and can’t wait for the Olympics.  I greatly disapprove of the use of performance enhancing drugs and it was fantastic to see an athlete interview other professionals who have fallen foul of the authorities while also championing clean and hard working current and former athletes.

On a professional note, Gorilla provided the online edit, grade, motion graphics and sound mix on the 52 min documentary and it was fantastic to see all departments working together in full post production!



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